Writing Test Practice IFree IELTS Important Tips & Tricks I I Sir DP
Writing Test Practice IFree IELTS Important Tips & Tricks I I Sir DP
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IELTS Writing

Writing Test Practice Tips and Advice

The Writing Test Practice portions of the general and academic training exams are often marked at the same level. IELTS General training module contains excerpts on general topics from books, magazines, notices, company handbooks, and guidelines that you are likely to encounter on a regular basis in an English-Speaking environment, in contrast to IELTS Academic Writing test, which includes topics appropriate for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Exam time: 60 minutes (for both Academic and General tests)

Sir DP Writing Test

Academic IELTS Writing Test Format

Two pieces are involved. The writing style for Tasks 1 and 2 responses should be scholarly, semi-formal, or neutral.

Task 1 asks you to summarise and report the data from a graph, table, chart, or diagram using your own words. You can be required to choose and contrast facts, outline the steps of a procedure, describe an object, or explain how something operates.

Task 2 asks you to compose an essay in response to an issue, an argument, or a point of view. Task 2 counts for twice as much toward the Writing score as Task 1.

Test takers attending undergraduate or graduate programmes will find the issues discussed to be of general interest, appropriate, and understandable.