• Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Re-tell Lecture
  • Answer-Short Question


Read Aloud

            No of questions: 6-7

  1. Utilize the 35-40 seconds before the microphone opens to read the text in your mind.
  2. Repeat and pronounce difficult words in these seconds.
  3. Take proper pauses on commas, semi-colons and full-stops.
  4. Don’t hesitate or repeat the sentence.
  5. Don’t add or remove extra words.

Repeat Sentence

No of questions: 10-11

  1. Speak naturally or calmly, neither too fast not too slow.
  2. Understand the meaning of sentence.
  3. Focus on pronunciation and oral fluency.
  4. Don’t repeat the words and don’t do false start.
  5. Speak words in correct sequence.
  6. Write the next half of sentence and remember the next.

 Describe Image

  1. Prepare a template for most common images.
  2. Always begin with introduction and end with conclusion.
  3. Try to complete within the given time.
  4. Don’t hesitate and stuck anywhere.
  5. Focus on keywords and note it down.

Re-tell Lecture

                             No of questions: 1-2

  1. Make notes as you listen the Lecture.
  2. Prepare some templates to avoid hesitation.
  3. Start lecture with good theme and end it by giving conclusion.
  4. Don’t hesitate or stuck in between.

Answer Short Question

                No of questions: 5-6

  1. Listen question carefully with proper concentration.
  2. Answer as soon as microphone opens.
  3. Don’t panic while giving answers.
  4. Don’t stay salient for more than 3 seconds.



  • Summarize Written Text
  • Essay

Summarize written text

No of questions: 2

Word Limit: 5-75

Marks: 7 marks each question

  1. Read the passage out the main idea.
  2. Write a summary of 35-50 words by combining all ideas into one sentence.
  3. Use only one full stop, first letter capital and no typing errors.
  4. Use conjunctions, connectors and punctuation to connect sentences.




No of Question: 1

Word limit: 200-300

Marks: 15


  1. Less than 120 words= 0 marks.
  2. Connectors and sentence formation.
  3. Use of relevant ideas.



  • Reading and Writing fillips
  • MCQ (multiple)
  • Re-order paragraph
  • Reading fillips
  • MCQ (single)


Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks

Reading Fill in the blanks

No of question: 5 each

  1. Use elimination strategy.
  2. Time management is important.
  3. Try to attempt all questions, even if you are not sure.
  4. Focus on grammar rules, tenses and collocation.

MCQ (multiple)

  1. If you are sure with the answer, then only mark otherwise leave it, as this question has negative marking.

Re- order Paragraph

  1. First sentence is always independent sentence which makes complete sense.
  2. Sentence starting with pronouns, conjunctions and connectors will never be the first sentence.
  3. If any sentence begins with noun, it is more likely to be the first sentence.
  4. After arranging all sentences in order, read the paragraph again and make sure it makes complete sense.

MCQ (single)

  1. Use of elimination rule.
  2. Understand the main message and focus on keywords.
  3. Read question and it’s options, before you go through text.



  • Summarize spoken text
  • MCQ (multiple)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • MCQ (single)
  • Select missing word
  • Highlight incorrect word
  • Write from Dictation

Summarize Spoken Text

 No of question: 1-2

Word limit: 50-70

  1. Try to pick as many as much keywords you can from the summary what you heard.
  2. Make your own template to avoid any grammatical errors.
  3. Avoid spelling mistakes.
  4. Try to manage time as only 10 minutes are allotted for each summarize spoken text.

MCQ (multiple) and MCQ (single)

  1. Listen audio carefully.
  2. Use elimination rule.
  3. Focus and remember main keywords.

Fill in the blanks

No of question: 2-3

  1. Try to improve vocabulary.
  2. Listen carefully with full concentration.
  3. Avoid spelling errors.

Highlight incorrect words

No of question: 2-3

  1. Click on the words that are different from transcript.
  2. Don’t click uncertain words, as this question has negative marking.
  3. Listen the audio carefully.

Write from Dictation

No of question: 3-4

  1. Use of correct spellings.
  2. Listen and type sentence exactly as you hear it.
  3. Write as much sentence as you can.
  4. Full stop is mandatory at the end of sentence.
  5. Work quickly and accurately.


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